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Anhui shengzhikai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the fields of fine chemical products. The scope of products covers pharmaceutical intermediates, plant extracts, chemical reagent, animal pharmaceutical, agrochemical intermediates, antibiotic and so on. If you are interested in our product, you can contact us:  

we focus on:

CAS 28578-16-7 PMK ethyl glycidate 

CAS 20320-59-6 Diethyl(phenylacetyl)malonate 

CAS 288573-56-8 tert-butyl 4-(4-fluoroanilino)piperidine-1-carboxylate

CAS 1451-82-7 2-Bromo-4′-methylpropiophenone

CAS 49851-31-2 2-Bromo-1-phenyl-1-pentanone

CAS 79099-07-3 1-Boc-4-Piperidone

CAS 236117-38-7 2-iodo-1-p-tolylpropan-1-one

CAS 62-44-2 Phenacetin

CAS 102-97-6 Benzylisopropylamine

CAS 2079878-75-2 2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-nitrocyclohexanone

CAS 148553-50-8 Pregabalin

CAS 40064-34-4 4,4-Piperidinediol hydrochloride

CAS  94-24-6 Tetracain

CAS 7553-56-2 molecular iodine